May 17, 2018

Access Control / Biometric Installations

Access controls and biometric time attendance are now a major part of any small/medium/large enterprise. Huge variety of machines and brands are available in the market nowadays which has led to a greater confusion to choose what is right and what is suitable for you.

At Crimson Technologies, we take up the access control/ biometric time attendance projects with utter care and thought of meeting the client’s requirement and suggest them with the right machine and solution to meet the purpose of fixing the Time attendance/access control system.

Access Control Services in Dubai

A Biometric device is a security authentication and identification equipment that uses automated methods of verifying the identity of a living person with the help of specific characteristics. It includes fingerprints, facial images, Iris prints and voice recognition, etc. Crimson Technologies offers you quality access controls and biometric installation solutions. We have served small, medium as well as large enterprises. Nowadays, a large number of such machines from different brands are available in the market which has led to confusion in choosing the right choice according to your requirements. By joining hands with us, you can leave all worries related to the Biometric machine on our expert technicians.

With a vast variety of solutions, we offer you the best access control services in Dubai. 

  • Retina Scanner – This machine verifies the person by scanning his or her iris, and match it with a certain number of unique identifying marks that set every person apart from others.
  • Finger Print Scanner – This is the most commonly used equipment. It scans the fingerprint of a person for the verification and authentication by examining the presence of blood inside the finger, size, and shape of the thumb, and many other features. It can also capture the 3D image which eliminates the chances of any trespassing.
  • Facial Biometrics – Each person around the world has a distinctly unique face. Facial biometrics use this characteristic of the human for verification by scanning the face of a person.
  • Voice Recognition – People have a unique voice pattern, even though the changes are slight and barely noticeable to the human ear. But with specialized voice recognition software, those tiny differences in each person’s voice can be noted, and the biometrics machines by these differences verify the person.
  • Hand Print Patterns – This scans the length and width of your palm, the length and breadth of your fingers, the distance between each knuckle, and the depth of each of the lines in your palm. There is no chance of falsification in this because it is more complicated and accurate than regular fingerprint scanning.

What are the benefits of access control system?

  • Track and deter access throughout your organization.
  • Assistance in auditing of movement as well as time and attendance of staff.
  • Restricted access to sensitive areas.
  • Safer working environment.
  • Remote administration and control access to multiple facilities through one interface.

Our access expert will work with you to understand your needs and then will design the location and security specifics of your system. We provide different types of access control systems, which includes:

  • Card and Fob Network Solutions: Web-based / Cloud Access Control remote via Smartphone
  • Keypad Access Control
  • Biometric Access Control (fingerprint access)
  • Proximity Access Control with key cards and fobs
  • Turnstile / Entrance Gate Access Security system

We will also help you to design and install an access control system for your building with access control solutions of the most trusted brands. We have professionally designed, installed, and maintained access control systems for many commercial businesses and organizations, including:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Health care facilities
  • Office spaces
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturers
  • Detention centers

As an experienced service provider of access control system inspections and repairs, Crimson Technologies knows that continued maintenance of your biometric system is essential so that you can have faith in its performance, reliability, and safety. Contact us online or call us for the estimation of charges or any other information about our access control system installation, maintenance, products to get the best access control services in Dubai.